How Do I Contact Support?

We provide several channels for you to reach us:

  • Via WhatsApp: We definitely eat our own dog food. Chat with us: +4915792470201
  • Via Phone: Call us directly using +49 89 416173-140 . This is an ordinary German land line phone, so the usual fees of your provider apply.
  • Via Mail: Send an email to [email protected]

Do You Have a Status Page?

Yes! You can check our current platform status at . The status page also provides an API of itself, so you can check the current status programmatically or embed it in your internal dashboard (we do this actually).

Do You Provide Any Guaranteed Response Times?

We do not provide any guarantees on response latency currently, but try to respond as fast as we can. You will receive a confirmation of receipt, written by an actual human, typically on the same day.
We’re developers too, so we know how crucial it can be to get everything back to normal. We’re a small and dedicated team though, so we hope you’ll understand we cannot do everything at the same time.

Am I Eligible for Support?

We currently do not include any support tiers in our product. Support is provided, free of charge, out of goodwill. If you’re interested in having a dedicated support tier or customer success manager, please let us know.