Unified Messaging

Use the same API calls and requests for all messaging apps. We do all the work for you.

High Performance

Our multi-location data centers guarantee fast access, low latency, high performance and high availability.

Fair Pricing

Our service starts at 0 € base price and you only pay for what you need. Price per message starts at 0.003 € per message. Thats 10 % of average SMS cost.


We offer a variety of different SLAs, starting from 99.5 % uptime.

GDPR compliant

All message processing is fully GDPR compliant as we provide a data processing agreement. We only save data when it's necessary.

How it works

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🔌 Connect

Connect your Facebook Pages, Telegram Bots and create WhatsApp Business API Accounts

To use WhatsApp, sign up for a WhatsApp Business API account.

💬 Integrate

Integrate our API.Start sending and receiving messages.

You don’t need your own phone number for WhatsApp Business – we can provide you with one upon request.

Quick start

curl -X POST https://api.messengerpeople.dev/messages \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}" \
     -d '{ "identifier": "49111222222:49333444444", "payload": { "text": "Hello world!" } }'

This snippet is all you need to send a message, right from your command line. Learn how to use the API in the extensive documentation.


Test for free with 1000 messages per month - no credit card required!

Price per message or MAU

0.003 €

Pay a rate of 0.003 € per message (incoming / outgoing).

or *

0.09 €

Flat rate per monthly active user (MAU)

*switching between flat rate and price per message is possible at any time. A MAU is any user that sent or received at least one message during a calendar month. Invoices are created at the first day of a month based on the current setting (MAU or ppm).

WhatsApp Business

79 €

per month

Included: hosting, dedicated phone number, maintenance. Additional costs for paid notifications outside of a 24h window.

Facebook Page

0 €

Connect as many Facebook pages as you like – for free

Telegram Bot

0 €

Connect as many Telegram bots as you like – for free