Can I Switch Between Pricing per Message and per Monthly Active User?

Yes, switching between both pricing models is possible at any time, free of charge, and separately per channel.

How Do You Determine the Amount of Monthly Active Users?

A user is deemed active if they have sent or received at least one message during any given calendar month. All date calculations are performed in UTC exclusively, so even if a message has been sent in the previous month but from an earlier timezone, it will be added to the invoice for the next month.
Invoices are generated the first day of every month, based on the current setting.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

We don’t charge any fees for account setup, usage patterns, or resource amounts. We only generate billing positions for individual messages or monthly active users (based on your chosen billing model) and for WhatsApp Business channels. Please take a look at the pricing section for details.

Do You Provide Discounts for Large Deployments?

Depending on your project, we’re always open for negotiating individual conditions, but please be aware that we will grant volume discounts exclusively after reaching previously-agreed on threshold values, without exception.