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WhatsApp Business API, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter

Connect different messengers, use them the same way.

Detailed Pricing

You either pay per message

0.001 - 0.003 €

Pay per sent message. Incoming messages are free.

or MAU*

0.02 - 0.06 €

Per monthly active user (MAU).

Our different plans have a monthly fee cap. Reaching the cap = additional messages are free!


*switching between flat rate and price per message is possible at any time. A MAU is any user that sent or received at least one message during a calendar month. Invoices are created at the first day of a month based on the current setting (MAU or ppm).

We take great pride in our pricing being as simple as it gets. In fact, all you need to know fits in this section! There are no hidden costs, no additional setup fees or “premium packages” of some sorts.

The only notable exception being that WhatsApp supports so-called “template notifications”. These messages may be sent for free in a 24 hour window after the last customer message. Outside that time window, however, WhatsApp charges a rate fixed per recipient country. We don’t bill you anything on top of the WhatsApp rate.

You can choose between charging per message sent and received or monthly active user at any time. Other than that, we only bill you for WhatsApp Business channels and template notifications sent via those. Telegram and Facebook Messenger may be added free of charge and without any usage limits.Some things still unclear? Check out the pricing section in our FAQs.

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Unified Messaging

Use the same API calls and requests for all messaging apps. We do all the work for you.

High Performance

Our multi-location data centers guarantee fast access, low latency, high performance and high availability.

Fair Pricing

Our service starts at 0 € base price and you only pay for what you need. Price per message starts at 0.002 € per message. Thats 10 % of average SMS cost.


We offer a variety of SLAs to ensure robust and scalable operation of your application.

GDPR compliant

All message processing is fully GDPR compliant as we provide a data processing agreement. We only save data when it's necessary.

How it works

Use our platform to communicate with your customers where they are: On WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Messenger. You can send and receive messages via all channels using a simple, structured message format. We will handle all quirks in the background, so you can focus on what you do best: Providing a great experience to your clients.

Our API was designed to be integrated into your stack, whatever technology you’re on. We stick to existing web standards wherever possible — JSON data, OAuth authorization and REST hooks, for example.

Read more in our FAQ.

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🔗 Connect

Connect your channels via our unified one click connector on the dashboard.

To use WhatsApp, sign up for a WhatsApp Business API account.

✅ Integrate

Integrate our API.

Start sending and receiving messages.

You can use land line and mobile numbers for the WhatsApp Business API

Quick start

If you haven’t already, you should start by signing up for an account. Don’t worry, we only ask for your email and a password — or even better, just use your GitHub, Google or Facebook account.
After answering a few questions, you can set up your first channel, for example using a Telegram bot. We guide you through every step of this process. This enables you to send messages:

http post https://api.messengerpeople.dev/messages \
     Authorization:"Bearer $token" \
     sender:$channelId \
     recipient:$yourUserId \
     payload:='{"text": "Hello World!"}'

As the last step, you can set up a webhook to receive responses (and delivery notifications, if you’d like to). That’s it, you’re done! All in all, you should be up and running in under five minutes.

This snippet is all you need to send a message, right from your command line. Learn how to use the API in the extensive documentation.

Who we are

The Unified Messaging API is a product of MessengerPeople by Sinch, one of the pioneering companies in professional messenger services and the leading Software-as-a-Service provider for messenger communication. With our products, you can easily and securely use the most popular global messaging apps.

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